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RIIHAN301E - Operate elevating work platform

Working at Heights

RIIWHS204E - Work safely at heights /

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This specially designed 1 day training course covers three tickets in one convenient program -

  • RIIWHS204E - Work safely at heights and

  • RIIHAN301E - Operate elevating work platform for Scissor Lifts, Vertical Lifts, and Boom Lifts (under 11m)

  • EWPA Yellow Card

HiReach's Nationally Recognised Training combined course covers essential WHS core competencies, and is relevant for a range of industries including construction, maintenance, mining, and heavy industry. 

The Work Safely at Heights component

This course component will equip you with the skills and practical experience to competently and safely work from heights to industry standards.
Having a tested, effective rescue plan for all work at heights where a fall is possible, is the law. As part of the Work Safely at Heights course, HiReach Training can assist you to develop your rescue plan.

Course outline:

  • Identify work requirements – Apply compliance documentation, identify scope and any potential hazards, adhere to OHS requirements relevant to safe working at heights

  • Identify work procedures and instructions for the task - Equipment selection and use, inspect/install fall protection equipment, install safety system, install appropriate signs and barricades

  • Access and install equipment - Fit anchor fall systems, selecting solid and reliable anchorage

  • Perform work at heights – Undertake work and manual handling of materials and equipment safely

  • Clean up area – Dismantle safety system, clear work area, store tools and equipment

The Operate elevating work platform (and Yellow Card) component

This training component will equip you with the skills and practical experience to operate a scissor lift, vertical lift and boom lift (with boom length under 11m). For certification on larger Boom Lifts see our related course:

EWP Boom over 11m.

Participants may complete singular or multiple machine classes, according to the type of work they will be undertaking.

Machine classes:

  • Vertical Lift (VL)

  • Scissor Lift (SL)

  • Under 11m Self Propelled Boom (BL)

  • Trailer Mounted Boom (TL) (optional - $30 extra)

Course outline:

  • Plan and prepare for work

  • Conduct work on EWP

  • Carry out operational maintenance

  • Clean up

Am I eligible?

  • You must be at least 16 years old

  • Have basic English and Maths skills (to be able to identify and interpret workplace signs and apply yourself to the course material).



Best for new operators of Scissor Lifts and Booms under 11m
1 day course 







Sunshine Coast

Gold Coast





Work Safely at Heights

Operate Elevating Work Platform

EWPA Yellow Card 

CSQ funding contribution to the regular course cost, of:

  • $225 for RIIWHS204E Work safely at heights and

  • $266 for RIIHAN301E Operate elevating work platform

Eligibility criteria applies.​


On successful completion of the theory and practical assessment, students will receive:

  • a Statement of Attainment for Work safely at Heights nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

  • a photographic Work safely at heights card.

  • a Statement of Attainment for Operate Elevating Work Platforms nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

  • an photographic EWPA Yellow card.

You will also be provided with all course materials, including a Learners Guide.

What to bring:
Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

  • safety shoes or boots

  • workwear (hi-vis if you have it)

  • safety hardhat (optional)

  • a broad brimmed sun hat and water bottle is recommended

100 Points of Identification must be presented before you begin training. 100 Points of Identification requirements

To discuss Work at Heights training, EWP training, EWPA Yellow Card cost, or to book call 1300 661 400.

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