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Building Employees Redundency Trust

BERT Training Fund (BTF) is an initiative which provides members of the Building Employees Redundancy Trust (BERT) with funding and assistance to improve their skills.

If you are a BERT member, you can be subsidised for training up to the value that you have contributed to your fund, although the funding does not come out of your redundency fund.

The BERT Training fund is available for all BERT members - construction workers, apprentices and trainees, and is still available if you are unemployed.

You are eligible to be funded for 3 training courses every 12 months, and combined courses where you recieve multiple tickets are still classified as one course.

Because HiReach Training is a Building Employees Redundency Trust (BERT) training approved RTO, we can directly claim training grants for BERT members.


So instead of paying upfront and getting reimbursed by BERT, we can claim your subsidy and reduce your up-front costs.


Even if you are eligible for CSQ funding, BERT training can still be accessed to cover the difference. 

To find out what BERT Training subsidy you're eligible for fill in the form and we'll txt you back the details, or call us on 1300 661 400.

For more information about BERT Training Fund, visit the BERT website.


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