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Does my WP High Risk Work Licence cover me for scissor lifts?

Updated: Jun 3

A High Risk Work Licence WP only licences you to use a boom type elevating work platform (EWP) with a boom length over 11m.

No, it does not cover scissor lifts.

It also does not cover vertical lifts or boom lifts under 11m.

If you need to operate a scissor lift, you must be trained and familiar with scissor lift operation before you use it. That's where our EWP + Yellow Card training course comes in.

Our course includes both:

  • RIIHAN301E - Operate elevating work platform 

  • EWPA Yellow Card

As an added bonus, CSQ funding is available to subsidise the course cost for RIIHAN301E - Operate elevating work platform which brings the course cost down to $115 for eligible construction workers and apprentices. Check your eligibility for CSQ funding, and see what other courses are subsidised.

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