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CSQ Evidence Required - Apprentices

As part of your application for CSQ Funding you will need to provide evidence to show:
1. You have not done the course before


USI Transcript
2. You are an Australian or New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident, or Visa holder with relevant permission to work

Provide one (1):

  • Green Medicare Card OR Birth Certificate OR Passport (For Australian or NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident)

3You are an eligible Apprentice or Trainee in the Building and Construction Industry

Provide one (1):

Medicare Card
Australian or New Zealand Passport
Australian Birth Certificate
  • Employer Letter for Apprentices 

Download Apprenticeship Employer Letter Template 

This letter must be on letter head and signed by the employer, and include:

- the Recognised Apprenticeship 

- Commencement or Completion Date

- Registration Number

- Qualification

Employer Apprentice Template.jpg
  • DESBT Commencement Letter

You received this at the start of your apprenticeship.

Please Note: CSQ do not accept a Training Contract or Training Plan as evidence.

Commencement letter apprentice.jpg

PLEASE NOTE: the following are not accepted as evidence by CSQ

  • An SRTO notification from Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider

  • A Training Contract

  • A Training Plan

Once you have your evidence, complete the CSQ Eligibility Form for Apprentices and Trainees.


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