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CSQ Evidence Required - Apprentices

In addition to proof of identity such as Medicare Card and Drivers Licence, you will be asked to provide evidence that you are an active, unemployed, cancelled apprentice, or in your first year out from a Recognised Apprenticeship

You have access to all Apprenticeship correspondence through the DESBT myApprenticeship portal:

This includes one (1) of the following:

A DESBT Commencement Letter (for active apprentices)

Commencement letter apprentice.jpg

You will have received this at the start of your apprenticeship.

CSQ do not accept a Training Contract or Training Plan as evidence.

DESBT Completion Letter to verify the completion date (for completed apprentices)

Certificate of Completion (for completed apprentices)

DESBT Cancelled apprentice approval advice (for cancelled apprentices)

Once you have your evidence, complete the CSQ Eligibility Form for Apprentices and Trainees.


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