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Helping Australia's workforce re-skill


HiReach Training is helping people to re-skill

Easing the financial burden

  • Discounts offered if doing multiple courses in a combined ticket.

  • Wherever possible we will offer reduced prices for group training to help ease the financial burden.


CSQ Funding subsidies available

  • As a CSQ registered training supplier, HiReach Training offers subsidised short courses to eligible new entrants, existing workers, apprentices and those who are currently under-employed or out of work in the building and construction industry.


BERT Funding subsidies available

  • As a BERT training approved RTO, we can directly claim training grants for BERT members, simplifying your paperwork.

  • So instead of paying upfront and getting reimbursed by BERT we can reduce your up-front costs.

  • Even if you are eligible for CSQ funding, BERT training grants can still be accessed to cover the difference.

Check if you're eligible for CSQ funding Construction Workers and Apprentices. Find out how much you're eligible for, from the BERT Training fund.

To find out more, or to book a training course phone 1300 661 400.

I've talked to some of some of the apprentices who attended your training and they were all very impressed with how professionally everything was conducted given the Coronavirus circumstances.


Personally, I am also incredibly impressed with the level of organisation from HiReach. Our previous training organisation was hard to get hold of and we had to constantly chase up certificates, which is why I was pleasantly surprised when you sent them over immediately after the training.

I will definitely be reaching out to you as a first point of contact for our training needs in the future.

Madeline Barkmeyer
Airmaster Australia Pty Ltd

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